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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Viewpoint: My Wife Had to Sit by a Troll on the Plane
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My wife and I took a five day vacation which involved flying last week. Iíll tell you more about the trip in the next few weeks, but things have sure changed when you fly. When I worked for Labor Ready I used to fly quite a bit. Iíve never enjoyed flying all that much and it has nothing to do with being afraid. I just found that by the time I got to the airport two hours before take off, experienced delays on a regular basis and issues with luggage, and then got thrown into a row with people of various sizes, I just enjoyed having more control over my trips by driving myself to the destination.

However, there are times you just canít drive and since we were leaving the United States and had to be back in time to prepare this paper we decided flying was the only realistic option.

I guess my number two complaint is you have no control over the size of the people who are assigned to sit next to you. Being no tiny youngster myself, I have some empathy but I still have nightmares about a mercifully short flight from Denver to Colorado Springs in which I was seated in the middle row of three seats and the person next to me on one side took up two seats. I kid you not. I had to put up the arm rest for her to even have a chance of fitting in the row, let alone her assigned seat. It was a full flight and I had nowhere to go. The third passenger in the row did not put up his arm rest so I was pinned against his arm rest and her. Pinned is the kindest word I can think of.

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