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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Rye High School Cross Country at Tri-Peaks Tournament
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Photo by Sue Barcus
The Lady T-Bolts take off during a fast race with ten other schools at the Tri-Peaks League/Black Forest League Invitational on Friday, Oct. 6. Freshman Raechel Lopez came in first for Rye at 22:10.
Photo by Sue Barcus
Junior Jacob Garner is neck and neck with the runner from St. Marys as he comes to the finish line at the Tri-Peaks League/Black Forest League Invitational on Friday, Oct. 6. Garner finished the meet with a time of 19:33.
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Making sure you can handle the rigors at this time of the season is on every coach’s mind. As the team comes down to the last couple of meets before Regionals on Oct. 19, “the goal for the next two weeks is to trade off longer distances and duration for speed and intensity. I want everybody to hit their beat times at the Regional meet,” said Coach Blackhurst

The T-Bolts competed at the Tri-Peaks League/Black Forest League Invitational on Friday, Oct. 6 as Rye’s boys met up with runners from 9 other schools as Jacob Garner came in first for the T-Bolts at 19:33; Ethan Gerig, 20: 33; Phillip Reed, 21:30; Joshua Garner, 22:36 and Dusty Rochester, 25:06. The Lady T-Bolts ran against eleven other schools in their race with Raechel Lopez coming in again as the first runner for Rye at 22:10; Faith Paquette, 24:36; Lindsey Muniz, 25:43; Emily Peterson, 26:41; Lauren Maroney, 26:55; Rebecca Lopez, 30:11 and Eva Kirkland, 32:52. Coach Blackurst attributes faster times to the course and good competition at the meet.

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