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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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District Board Interviews Candidates for Director
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The Colorado City Metro District Board of Directors met July 30, 2019. Chairman Terry Kraus, Directors Gregory Collins, Harry Hochstetler and Bob Cook were present as well as Lewis E. Sadler and Neil W. Elliot, candidates for the vacant Director position.

Mr. Sadler comes before the Board with extensive financial experience.

Sadler has been a volunteer at Hollydot for 12 years and has volunteered with the Boy Scouts. Sadler formed Troop 97 of the Boy Scouts and obtained a Little League franchise and created the second field at Runyan, which commenced the great growth of Runyan. Director Hochstetler asked Sadler how long he has lived in our community and what he is interested in. Sadler responded that he has lived here since 2005 and is interested in anything financial. Director Cook asked if Sadler would be dedicated to the golf course or to other areas of Colorado City. Sadler responded that he would be dedicated to the aging sprinkler system, aging water system and the campground as well as to the golf course. Director Kraus asked Sadler what, in his opinion, were the three most significant issues facing the Colorado City Metro District and Sadler responded (1) the aging infrastructure, (2) that the resignation of Prim be handled properly so as not to lose any golfers and (3) that the architectural control of the Board be handled separately and functional with the use of volunteers. Sadler further responded to questions from the Board that he is retired and has the time to work with the Board and, if necessary, to come in during the week. A member of the audience spoke in favor of Sadler stating that he is dedicated to the golf course and is known as the “gopher killer” and is dedicated to our community as a whole. Director Kraus asked Sadler what he most wanted to be remembered for and Sadler responded his honesty.

Mr. Elliot comes before the Board and is interested and passionate about the Valley and the future of the Valley. He wishes to be active in community affairs and provide assistance in maintaining and improving the quality of life. Elliot has business ownership experience, experience in dealing with people and different vendors.

Elliot thinks he can help our community. Director Hochstetler stated that Elliot has done extensive volunteer work, is a contractor, is easy going and willing to work on what needs to be done. Elliot stated that his number one priority is the infrastructure. Director Cook inquired whether Elliot thought the District was on the right track regarding issues with how we price certain things such as rates, etc. Cook wanted Elliot’s thoughts about cost accounting and how it would apply to these issues. Elliot responded regarding cost accounting that he thinks the Board is on the right track. There may be disagreements as to what the next step is and how to manage future costs. The current budget and costs are going in the right direction. Director Kraus inquired as to what Elliot’s solution to the infrastructure would be and Elliot responded money. Grants are a big thing. You need to plan properly for the future and you can project some of the costs in the future and find the money. In response to Director Collins inquiry about Elliot’s responsibility as a Board member, Elliot stated that he is not a micro manager. He needs to have guidance and oversight. District Manager Eccher inquired if Elliot was familiar with TABOR. Elliot responded that it is the control of taxes. The audience asked Elliot if he thought the golf course should be an enterprise fund to stand alone and cover its own costs. Elliot felt that the campground, swimming pool and golf course need to stand on their own as much as they can. Elliot does feel that the golf course is a high priority asset to our community and we are about improving the community as a whole.

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