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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Viewpoint:I Hate to Brag but I Had a Great Christmas
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What was the best gift you got this Christmas? I got so many wonderful things I almost feel like Iím bragging to tell you about them. I think I will go ahead and share them and then, beginning on January 1, I am going to try and be more humble.

I know three people personally at the moment who, shortly after the first of the year, will have surgery on their cancers. All three have a high percentage of recovery but it is still cancer. They had to open their presents and I have a feeling that no matter what they got, their desire is to be cancer free. One of the three is my brother so it is a little closer to home than I would like. So, besides the usual Christmas card we send I hope he knows he is in our prayers. As far as I know, I got the gift of health for Christmas.

One of our neighbors and his wife are pretty sure they are getting a divorce. They have three children. They did spend Christmas Day together, I suppose for the sake of the kids. We really donít know them very well. I wish we had spent more time trying to get to know them. The wife said something like, Ēeverything happens for a reasonÖĒ My hope for them is that after Christmas together the gift they gave their children was trying to find a reason for reconciliation. For 29 Christmas times, Lori and I have given each other another year together. It will be 30 years in June and is a gift I believe I cherish more each and every year.

Monday, we had to work really hard. Because of the holidays the paper you are reading now actually got put together on Monday, even though we decided to deliver it on Thursday like we normally do. Lots of people had to pick up the pace in order to make this happen. Iím glad Lori and I have a business. We arenít ever going to be rich, but we do get a sense of satisfaction completing the paper each week. I hope I am never too feeble to work. Iíve watched lots of people retire and just kind of fade away physically. I know some people right now who hate their jobs or donít have jobs and actually want one. Iím really glad our newspaper was in my Christmas stocking for the last eleven Yuletide seasons.

Christmas eve day we had our son-in-law, son, daughter, and four grandbabies in our home. We opened presents in the afternoon so they would have plenty of time to play with the new toys. Of course, some assembly was required and lots of batteries. There was a certain amount of chaos but a certain amount of chaos is part of four grandbabies age seven and under. Iím sure the cookies, candy and other forms of sugar had nothing to do with it. Iíve had a couple of years where I was virtually alone at Christmas and I can tell you I count myself lucky to have had a son-in-law, daughter, son, and four grandbabies around the tree this year.

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