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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Viewpoint: The Final 100 Seconds Are Ticking Away
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Are you familiar with the Doomsday Clock? Well, established in 1947, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists decide whether the events of the previous year pushed humanity closer to or further from the brink of destruction. According to the group the clock ďconveys how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making.Ē

This year the group moved the clock to 100 seconds to midnight. That is closer to destruction than at any point since the clock was created.

You canít imagine how much that bothers me. First of all, part of it is my own fault. I had heard about the Doomsday Clock but hadnít been paying much attention.

Lori and I certainly wouldnít have spent money to paint the outside of our house and put a new fence around the yard if we had been paying attention. The President and CEO of the Doomsday Clock group said that 2019 created ďan absolutely unacceptable state of affairs that has eliminated any margin for error or further delay.Ē

Gosh, sounds like we should have taken the paint and fence money and taken some of those bucket list trips we want to take. We really want to go to Hawaii once in our life and I canít imagine anything being more fun and educational than touring the nationís capital and the east coast in general.

Maybe, since the world is so close to extinction, they will waive the tax in New York on soft drinks and I can have a supersized Dr. Pepper before the world goes.

We also moved the newspaper office across the hall. We had been in the same office for almost 11 years and decided we needed a change of scenery and moved ten feet across the hall to an office with more windows, and wood floors rather than carpet.

Not that the move ate up any of our take a trip before the world ends money but it was a lot of work. We got some free desks from the Colorado Press Association when they changed offices, and they were nice and matched but boy were they heavy.

I sure could have taken it easier on my back so those final 100 seconds would have been a lot less painful.

On February 1st I am going to celebrate 31 years of sobriety and, of course, being a recovering alcoholic, Iíve had a thought or two of maybe taking a drink since everything is going to crash and burn anyway.

Just a warning to you subscribers: if things are going to hell in a handbasket, we may start making the paper smaller so we donít have to work so hard to put out 16 pages. Iíve got a lot of old NCIS episodes to watch on Netflix and need to finish them before the clock strikes midnight.

I guess, the people who decide what time it is, are a board that includes 13 Nobel Laureates. Iím not sure what that is but it sure sounds impressive. Iíd look it up but the clock is ticking.

Being a recovering alcoholic, I guess I should recognize denial. Iíve kind of had my head stuck in the sand. I knew things were bad. I mean look at all the laws the state of Colorado passed last year. That ought to support doomsday. Look at how people are treating our President. Things have gotten so bad I canít even refer to gender anymore. I guess everyone is just an 'it'.

The only thing that makes me think they might be a little off base is the two primary measuring sticks they use: nuclear war and climate change.

H-m-m-m-m. Using those two as the key indicators reminds me a little bit of the literary classic Chicken Little. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling."

Guess Iíll put off that drink and see what time it is next year.

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