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Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Viewpoint: Winter Sports Queen Trifecta
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I recognized it for what it was immediately. I’m no stranger to sharing with the world moments of pride with my grandchildren and children. So, when I got an email from Tony Marostica with an attached pair of pictures, I saw through him right away.

When Lori and I bought the Greenhorn Valley View, Tony was the entire sports department. I don’t remember how many years, or miles, or stories or words he wrote but I do know that when he decided not to write sports anymore it was a very sad day indeed.

I have kept in contact with Tony and always enjoy getting a chance to talk with him. The last time I saw him was Monday in line at the checkout stand in Valley Market. It was there that he informed me he had sent me a couple of pictures.

One was a picture of the 2020 Winter Sports Royalty. His granddaughter, Audrey Himmelberg, had won the Queen vote.

I’ll let him explain the other picture.

“I wanted to call your attention to the picture of my wife Jill, our

daughter Amy, and our granddaughter Audrey. Jill (Ealey) Marostica was

actually the very first RHS Winter Sports Queen, chosen when she was a

senior in 1974. Our first-born, Amy Marostica was selected twenty years

later as RHS Winter Sports Queen in 1994. Amy married her high school

sweetheart, Erik Himmelberg, and their oldest daughter, Audrey

Himmelberg, was just crowned 2020 RHS Winter Sports Queen on Friday

night to complete a sort of ‘family tradition trifecta..."’

I am familiar with the reigning Winter Sports Queen’s name. I follow sports and am aware that she is an intricate part of several teams. But I don’t really know that much about her. What kind of person becomes a third generation Winter Sports Queen?

As a reporter I wanted to know. I asked people I knew at the high school.

Her volleyball coach, Jaime Donlon, had this to say,”Audrey is that contagious smile that you can count on to get what needs done, done at the highest level.”

Tammy Van Oort added this, “She's a great kid--always has a smile and a helping hand. She treats everyone well. She's my teacher aide in a freshmen English class and she's so nice to the underclassmen. She comes from a long line of great ladies!”

Jim Hale weighed in even though he had never coached her. “I have had Audrey in several classes. She is a good student, but more importantly, a great young lady. She always has a smile on her face. She gets along with everyone! She is like a bright light that truly makes Rye High school a better place!“

T.J. Blackhurst said, “She is honestly one of the nicest kids in the school. She is a very hard-working student, both in the classroom, as well as on the volleyball and track teams where she has excelled. She loves to have fun and always makes things fun and positive for everyone else around her. Her smile and positive attitude are very contagious. She is just one of those people that is a quiet leader, but always makes things more enjoyable.”

There were more and some of those I printed were much longer.

I have mentioned, on several occasions, my admiration for the coaches at our small school: their dedication, sacrifice and genuine care and concern for the students. It is nice to know that we have that same quality in many of the students and athletes.

I apologize, Audrey, if this is a bit much. I am sure, judging by the listed attributes of teachers and coaches you are probably humble. To some degree you may be embarrassed. I’m afraid the only solution I can offer is one I have offered my own grandchildren – blame it on your grandpa.

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