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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Viewpoint: The Story Isn't Over Yet
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Last week I took a little trip down Nostalgia Lane. I have several tubs of stuff in the basement that I have saved over the years with the goal of passing those things on to my children. It is quite a collection and I realized that they probably wouldnít want some of it, so I decided to throw some away to save them the trouble later.

My Mom always clipped articles out of the local paper when any of her four sons had their names listed. Lots of that got tossed because those clippings were so old and yellowed they were illegible. You know the kind of stuff: honor rolls, athletic contests, soil conservation posters and the like. I threw away my first traffic violation Ė careless driving - which couldnít be read at all.

There were school pictures of every single year of grade school and high school. There was no such thing as middle school back then. She was kind enough to put everyoneís name on the back. I kept them all, but may still go back and throw them away because my kids wouldnít know any of my classmates anyway.

There are lots of family pictures Iíll pass on. Both sets of grandparents and pictures of my great-grandparents. I hope the kids will be interested in those. My mom did a lot of work on a family tree and I donít know how important it will be for my children to know where they came from, but as Iíve gotten older it has become more important to me.

The hair-doís sure changed over the decades. All the way from my crew cut as a child, to long hair in college, bearded and unbearded.

I was really active in sports so lots of the memorabilia goes along with that. Plaques from both my junior and senior year in high school when we were undefeated. I have press clippings and a ball hat from my sophomore year in college when Bethany College in Lindsborg Kansas won an NAIA Bowl game. The Mineral Water Bowl, 17-14.

There was a copy of my first formal journalistic offer to become an Associate Editor of my college newspaper and several letters to the editor from peers praising what the paper became during those years.

There were some sad things that Iíve kept. So far. The program of the burial of a classmate of mine and a friend who I wrestled and played football with. He was the first wrestling state champion my high school in WaKeeney, Kansas ever had and he died when he fell asleep at the wheel.

Programs of deceased grandparents and my father were in the box, along with a cassette tape memoralizing what I said about my dad at his funeral.

There is a pile of cards that my wife has gotten me over 30 years of being together. I think Iíve saved every card she ever gave me. They were in the same pile as a bunch of homemade cards by various children over the years.

There was a small story about my first elected office, the local school district, when I was but a youngster. I ran unopposed and won handily. The seven-member board was composed of three who always voted with the Superintendent, two who never voted with the superintendent, and myself and one other board member who often had the deciding two votes.

There were lots of good memories in that box of stuff. Lots of things that recorded defining moments in who I became. Some pain, some laughter, some joy and some satisfaction. And Lord willing, I still have time to add a few more things to share with those I love. The story isnít over yet.

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