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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Viewpoint: Getting on the Statement Bandwagon
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On Memorial Day in Minneapolis, George Floyd was a person of interest in passing a counterfeit bill. He was in the process of being arrested, when a video that has gone viral, was taken showing 44-year-old officer Derek Chavin kneeling on Floyd’s neck despite pleas from Floyd, bystanders and other officers on the scene. Floyd died.

Chavin was fired and, on Friday, Chavin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He is being held on a one-million-dollar bond. Subsequently the other three officers on the scene were fired and also charged with crimes.

Going out on a limb here (because of the video), although Chavin is innocent until proven guilty, I suspect he will be convicted and sentenced, probably to the maximum sentence. I suspect the other officers will also be incarcerated for a period of time, not for their action but their inaction.

So, the system worked, right? A criminal with a badge was terminated, arrested, charged appropriately and, in all likelihood, the system will work. He will pay for his crimes.

A Canon City man remains in critical condition in Colorado Springs after Alamosa police say he was shot in the head while driving on Main Street during a protest last Thursday.

I personally am not sure what the protest was about.

I do know that there is also a video tape of this murder. James Marshall, 27, was arrested for the shooting. He is an Alamosa defense attorney. He is charged with attempted murder and assault. He is out on bond.

Danny Pruitt, age 49, is in stable condition with a traumatic brain injury. Family says doctors are trying to get the swelling to reduce.

In a video provided by KRDO NewsChannel 13, who obtained the footage from a nearby business, a black truck pulls up and the driver begins to go through the crosswalk. That's when a protestor reaches in their pocket and pulls out what police say is a gun. The surveillance video shows the protestor aim the object at the passenger side window of the truck.

There were about a dozen protestors in Alamosa protesting something that merited a defense attorney allegedly shooting a passerby in the head.

Hopefully, the system will also work in the case of this crime.

Everyone seems to be coming out with a statement expressing their opinion on the George Floyd case.

Here is my statement. The evidence is overwhelming that all four police officers in this case were criminally negligent at least and guilty of murder at most.

The United States presumes innocence until a guilty verdict and I trust the four officers will get that presumption and a jury of their peers will determine if things are as they seem on a video.

Black lives matter. All lives matter. Human beings are created in the image of God and as such everyone matters. There are laws of God and laws of the land and murder is against both of those laws.

Hatred because of race is wrong. Hatred because of religion is wrong. Hatred because of anything is wrong. No particular hatred is more wrong than any other. Hatred is just wrong.

Rioters are wrong. They are breaking all kinds of laws, especially in a situation where the system appears to be working. Rioters should be dealt with in accordance with the law of the land. Not molly-coddled lest it appear someone hates a certain race. The law is clear and should be enforced.

Politics by either party, in a situation like this, is wrong. Statement made.

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