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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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In Case You Think Sanity Has Returned
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In case you’ve decided the world is sane I would bring you the following information. Apparently, Oregon Governor Kate Brown was worried about the number of coronavirus cases in seven of thirty-six Oregon counties and issued an order several weeks ago requiring people to wear a mask in those seven counties.

Even though the governor issued the directive the local powers could decide if, or to what extent, they would enforce the requirements and to whom the requirements would apply in their jurisdiction. Each of the seven counties varied somewhat in the emphasis.

One of those counties, Lincoln County, released the policy they initially came up with on June 17. The directive that attracted national attention said that “People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public” were exempt from wearing face masks.

In fairness, there were other groups who didn’t have to wear masks in the policy: Persons with health/medical conditions that preclude or are exacerbated by wearing a face covering, children under the age of 12 but over the age of two were encouraged but not required to wear face coverings, as well as persons with disabilities that prevented them from using a face covering.

If it matters to you Lincoln County is about 90% white with nearly 50,000 residents.

And in case you’re wondering why they came up with that caveat, the concern was that black people wearing masks would be racially profiled. The fact that everyone was wearing masks and that we are in our fourth month of the virus would not dissuade women from feinting and men from having knees of jelly when they saw a black person wearing a mask.

Or, were there truly nefarious reasons for the directive? Was it a diabolical plot to make sure the black people in Lincoln County caught COVID-19? Was it actually a wolf dressed up to look like a sheep to doom a segment of our population?

I’m partial to a quote in a Newsweek article about the laughable law, ”I’m Mexican-American, I’ve lived with people of all colors my entire life. …[We] must stand up to the race-mongering hysteria or we will never ever see the end of racism. Don’t let the far left take society backwards with race warfare. If we don’t stop it racism will just go on and on and one with different racial targets every 20 years for eternity.”

Even in the current, and unusual, climate numerous stories and complaints reined in the left-coast legislation and the order has been changed. On June 24 the policy was amended. “Wear your face covering and be kind to each other,” was a statement in the revision. A far better solution, don’t you think? Although they followed that with a line that said, “end racism in America.”

Michelle Malkin, in a nationally syndicated article entitled, “Stop Believing in Dangerous ‘Big Hoax”, said the following, “Cops are not lurking on every corner waiting to strangle and murder minorities. Arsonists are not hiding in every bush plotting to burn down black churches. Racist kidnappers are not conspiring in every neighborhood to snatch black children from their beds. Hooded phantoms are not running around every downtown with ropes planning to string anyone from lampposts and trees. Have some self-respect for heaven’s sake. America is falling apart over lies.”

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